samedi 24 octobre 2009

New Faces ss 2010 : Amanda Nørgaard

Amanda Nørgaard outside Chanel spring summer 2010.

3 commentaires:

Miriam a dit…

beautiful as always

Mary a dit…

I love this outfit! It's so flawless =)
PS - I have a suggestion (that is, if you don't mind me making it) - your pictures are beautiful and you capture unexpected people and outfits. However, that watermark of yours ("maydele") is smack dab in the middle of each and every picture. It ruins it. I suggest you move your watermark to a place where it won't ruin the picture. For example, some where below. Thanks.

The Hiccougher a dit…

Dear Mary, suggestions are always welcome. But the ruining effect of our watermark is made on purpose. In fact we would dream of more watermarks all over our pictures.