jeudi 18 août 2011

Campagne André Automne-Hiver 2011/12

For a few seasons now, the work of Ilaria Orsini for André campaigns has caught our attention. We discussed the colors (for this summer it was soft candy or pale watercolors), the simplicity, the light and the seductive appeal of all the visuals.

And for this Fall and Winter collection we couldn't resist anymore :

We haven't found the exact reason, maybe the Godard like casting and art direction (sixties feeling plus mischievous twist), the so 'this is (for) right now' stylism (shoes are so well paired with mountain sweaters) or maybe we are just turned on by autumn leaves (in huge numbers, see here).

credit : André

credit : André

credit : André

credit : André

Artistic direction / Directrice artistique : Julie Sanchez

Photograph / Photographe : Ilaria Orsini (agence Bureaucentral)

Stylist / Styliste : Ondine Azoulay

Mannequins / Models : Natalia, Sarah Marivoet

All images courtesy of André
Thanks to André.

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