mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Givenchy Prefall 2017 Collection

Givenchy prefall 2017 Collection

on preorder for a few days only

Look 22 : Givenchy Fox And Chiffon Coat

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Look 17 : Givenchy Red Crepe Wool Ruffled Jacket + Red Ribbed Viscose Trousers + Black Infinity Hobo Bag

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Givenchy Black Patricia Loafer / Givenchy Black Infinity Bucket Bag

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Look 21 : Givenchy Yellow Flared Lace Trousers + Givenchy Butterfly Printed Wool Coat + Givenchy White & Black Patricia Sling Back

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 photo givenchy-prefall-17-21sv_zpsjhdfrua9.jpg iconicon

Look 34 : Givenchy Butterfly Printed Chiffon Dress

iconicon  photo givenchy-prefall-17-34sv_zpsksqdcumf.jpg

Look 6 : Givenchy Brown Fox And Chiffon Coat

 photo givenchy-prefall-17-06sv_zpsxfufoubd.jpg iconicon

Givenchy Camel Wool Jersey Dress + Camel Felpa Cashmere Top from Look 4 + Givenchy Neutral Nobile Shoulder Bag

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 photo givenchy-prefall-17-04sv_zpsonnx6g4r.jpg iconicon

Look 7 : Givenchy Brown Bombardino Coat + Givenchy Zebra Print Patricia Loafer

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 photo givenchy-prefall-07sv_zpsk7a2zemt.jpg

Look 10 : Givenchy Embroidered Chantilly Lace Long Dress

 photo givenchy-prefall-17-10sv_zpssyjjmhqy.jpg iconicon

Look 27 : Givenchy Pink Oversized Fox Coat + Pink Vichy Poplin Top + Pink Vichy Poplin Skirt + Black & White Patricia Sling Back

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 photo givenchy-prefall-17-27sv_zpsntpfqxdh.jpg  photo givenchy-prefall-17-28sv_zpsgxnyytho.jpg

Givenchy Show Mini Pouch / Givenchy Pink Fox Vest from Look 28

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Look 16 : Givenchy Red Heavy Wool Blend Coat

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