samedi 15 avril 2017

Chloé Spring Summer 2017 Runway Collection

Look 1 : Chloé White Cropped cotton top + Virgin wool and cotton sailor pants

 photo Chloe-ss17-01_zpskvpnc272.jpg

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Look 2 : Chloé Midnight Blue Cotton-twill sweatshirt + White Cotton and linen-blend shorts

 photo Chloe-ss17-02_zpsdgiqnymk.jpg

Look 3 : Chloé White Button-detailed Cotton-voile Dress + Nude 'Nico' sandals + Brown Small Nile Bracelet Bag

 photo Chloe-ss17-03_zpsclllar5q.jpg


Look 5 : Chloé White Cotton Paneled T-shirt + Anthracite Blue Punjabi cotton and linen pants

 photo Chloe-ss17-05_zpskrxkieah.jpg

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Look 6 : Chloé Cotton sweater + Cotton shorts + Red Niko Sandals

 photo Chloe-ss17-06_zpsq8weoqdq.jpg

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Look 7 : Chloé Cotton-twill top + Anthracite Blue Cotton skirt + Neutral Niko Sandals

 photo Chloe-ss17-07_zps5g0ablhf.jpg

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Look 8 : Chloé Plissee-pleated off-the-shoulder dress + Brown Nile small textured-leather shoulder bag

 photo Chloe-ss17-08_zpsxbxats2b.jpg

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Look 9 : Chloé Blue Embellished dress + Hot coral Niko sandals + Black Mini Nile Bracelet Bag

 photo Chloe-ss17-09_zpshe5kn01l.jpg



Look 10 : Chloé White & Beige Silk and cotton top + White cotton high waisted sarouel trousers + Chloé Tan Leather Sandals

 photo Chloe-ss17-10_zpsw4d1kh0l.jpg


Look 11 : Chloé V-neck Cotton sweater + Anthracite blue harem trousers

 photo Chloe-ss17-11_zps1fmk2rp4.jpg


Look 12 : Chloé Brown Embellished cotton top

 photo Chloe-ss17-12_zpsoasd5x8a.jpg iconicon

Look 13 : Chloé Misty Beige Niko leather sandals

 photo Chloe-ss17-13_zpsv6ddwtlt.jpg iconicon

Look 14 : Chloé Deep Red Cotton blouse + Striped cotton cropped trousers + Grey Nile Bracelet small leather and suede shoulder bag + Gold-tone message letter bracelet

 photo Chloe-ss17-14_zpsdnqp0bjn.jpg

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Look 16 : Chloé Striped Denim Top + Striped cotton trousers

 photo Chloe-ss17-16_zps3xh9sdtj.jpg

Look 17 : Chloé White and Blue Cotton-blend striped dress + Nicole Gold-tone Leather Necklace

 photo Chloe-ss17-17_zps6vxcgozt.jpg


Look 18 : Chloé Striped denim jumpsuit + Nicol hanging key pendant

 photo Chloe-ss17-18_zpsl5gugeyg.jpg

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Look 19 : Chloé Asymmetric pleated chiffon midi dress + Woody Khaki Mini Faye backpack

 photo Chloe-ss17-19_zpsguqv6qvt.jpg


Look 20 : Chloé White cotton classic vest top

 photo Chloe-ss17-20_zps7dhe080k.jpg

Look 22 : Chloé Shift asymmetric dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-22_zpsxggqubc8.jpg

Look 24 : Chloé Beige and white silk blend pleated top + Pleated Pants + Chloé Brown Niko cone heeled sandal

 photo Chloe-ss17-24_zpskmtgjpvg.jpg


Look 26 : Chloé Navy Blue Knot sleeve top + Anthracite Blue Cotton skirt

 photo Chloe-ss17-26_zpsrjzlrpv4.jpg


Look 27 : Chloé Pansy Pink Cotton dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-27_zps2ee1xthg.jpg iconicon

Look 28 : Chloé Midnight blue Ruffled Pleated Silk-organza Top + Black Plissé-georgette Pants

 photo Chloe-ss17-28_zpslatfc3h3.jpg

Look 29 : Chloé Eclipse blue Pleated voluminous dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-29_zpst441nzyx.jpg

Look 30 : Chloé Peach Tiered Plissé Silk-organza Mini Dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-30_zpshmegzgda.jpg

Look 31 : Chloé White cotton dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-31_zpsaivzkice.jpg iconicon

Look 34 : Chloé Black Nicol necklace

 photo Chloe-ss17-34_zpsrn00p7zt.jpg iconicon

Look 35 : Chloé White Faye backpack

 photo Chloe-ss17-35_zpstojvenh9.jpg

Look 37 : Chloé Off shoulder Cotton top + Printed cotton trousers

 photo Chloe-ss17-37_zpstyvmuk5l.jpg

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Look 39 : Chloé Guipure lace dress

 photo Chloe-ss17-39_zps6kcciizm.jpg iconicon

Look 40 : Chloé Mustard Layered Plissé Silk-organza Top + Layered Plissé Silk-organza Mini Skirt + Dusty Yellow Nile Minaudière Mini leather shoulder bag

 photo Chloe-ss17-40_zpshgahdlsj.jpg


Look 41 : Chloé White Nile Bracelet small leather and suede shoulder bag

 photo Chloe-ss17-41_zpstca2fe5g.jpg iconicon

Look 42 : Chloé Brown Long sleeve floral lace jacket + Brown Floral lace straight leg pants

 photo Chloe-ss17-42_zpso34isvq8.jpg

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Look 43 : Chloé Printed cotton crop-top + Printed cotton midi skirt + Mustard brown Nicol necklace

 photo Chloe-ss17-43_zpsqdfsntrv.jpg

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Look 44 : Chloé Blue Bow-embellished printed cotton-gauze top + Printed cotton seersucker skirt

 photo Chloe-ss17-44_zpsrne2y5bn.jpg


credit for all runway pictures : CHLOE