dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Kenzo Spring Summer 2014 Collection

It would really be interesting to see the Kenzo spring summer 2014 collection not only in pictures, but to see the fabrics for real, since it is all about visual effects.
The sea is the main inspiration, not primarily as a figurative pattern, but formally, in the way it signifies light and movement.
Sequins, lurex and asymmetrical hem lines make the garments look as waves ; other textures - lackered silk, nylon, neoprene - and forms - jumpsuits, cropped wide leg pants - may recall the Asian garments combined with fishing outfits.
The message of this collection certainly is : we all have to do everything to keep the sea alive.
The sea is where life begins.

The Kenzo spring summer 2014 collection is to preorder at Moda Operandi. We chose to display following looks :

look 32

Cotton Chintz Shirt + Summer Double Face Neoprene Skirt


look 10

Cotton Poplin Pacific Waves Shirt + Sequins Embroidery Waves Dress


look 4

Soft Twill Vest + Soft Twill Pant

iconicon iconicon

look 6

Double Crepe Jumpsuit


look 8

Cotton Blend Jacquard High Waves Vest


look 14

Sequins Embroidery Waves Dress


look 25

Denim High Waves Coat + Denim High Waves Pant + Cotton Blend Jacquard High Waves Top


look 19

Ottoman Double Voile Gilet + Ottoman Double Voile Dress


look 27

Laser Cut Cotton Top + Printed Leather High Waves Skirt


look 42

Lurex High Waves Jumpsuit


look 41

Lacquered Silk Scribble Dress


To see the whole collection to preorder at Moda Operandi,you may click here.